Need To Install Parking Lot Lighting?

Arrange for raised lighting or sign installation services in Rockford and Rochelle, Illinois

Placing a lighted sign at an elevated position over your office, retail store or restaurant is a great way to attract customers and advertise your business. We use a bucket truck to install parking lot lighting and elevated signs safely. If you need an elevated electrical sign repaired, we can handle that, too.

Can-Duit Electric LLC completes electrical installations in Rockford and Rochelle, Illinois and surrounding areas. Our bucket trucks allow us to work on lighted signboards and parking lot lighting from a comfortable and safe position. Call 815-234-8889 now to schedule parking lot lighting or lighted sign installation services.

Why hire bucket truck services?

Why hire bucket truck services?

Trust Can-Duit Electric to perform your electrical installations in the Rockford or Rochelle, Illinois areas. Our bucket truck service:

  • Is a low-cost and efficient way to install or repair parking lot lighting and signs
  • Takes height-related restrictions out of the equation
  • Allows us to complete installations and repairs quickly
  • Makes it easy to install elevated signs and lighting correctly
Reach out to us right away with any questions about our elevated sign installation services.